Friday, October 22, 2010

Really Existing Socialism

MUCH TALK out there about politicians who are socialists. Let's admit, this country has been part socialist for decades.  America is a mix of three different forces:
1.) Socialism; i.e., the Welfare State.
2.) Monopoly Capitalism.
3.) Small-scale capitalist entrepreneurs.

Those in category #3 have been keeping America at the top, through their ambition, innovation, and work.

Striking to me is how after awhile, big Capitalist enterprises begin to resemble the stagnant, bureaucracy-heavy State. General Motors stands as the classic example. I hear all the time from people who've visited Central Europe, countries like Czechoslovakia, about how the destruction wrought from Communism-- environmental and economic devastation both-- can still be seen. Yet, is it any different from the devastation wrought upon Detroit? Detroit was a symbioses of Big Capitalism and Big Government, which created a things-as-they-are mindset. As a child I'd visit with my auto worker dad the union hall. A wonderful memory. very nostalgic. But absolutely anachronistic.

The underclass is sustained-- at a survival level-- by America's socialism. Yet I'd say very few of those subsisting that way like it. In the underclass as much or more than anywhere else you find dreams of creation and success. Hip-hop stars are just one evidence of this. Everyone except academy-brainwashed Lefties want to be in the #3 category. It's aka The American Dream.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reclaiming Liberalism

It's true that today's so-called "Liberals" are notably not liberal. They've abandoned the foundation of liberal thought: the free expression of ideas, as the lack of support for Molly Norris and others like her demonstrates.

An argument could even be made that today's "Leftists" aren't on the Left, in that they come from the highest, most aristocratic levels of society, they've cut themselves loose from the mass of Americans-- even from most of the working class-- and their ideas ultimately are about giving more power to tops-down institutions, when the classic Left was about leveling corrupt and hierarchical institutions.

Populist energy today is coming from the Right, from conservatives. For non-Conservative populists, there are no other options. The trick will be not to limit the defense of liberal ideas to conservatives, but to revive and recreate the kind of liberalism which once existed in this country; which can be of and for the downtrodden, and which will also defend the foundations of American culture-- the right to free speech, free of "speech codes" and other illiberal limits-- among them. Including the defense of the idea of America itself!

Monday, October 18, 2010

This Just In

Rich-b Meghan McCain and her group of aristocrat friends apparently can’t stand populist Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, because she’s had “no real success” in any kind of business endeavor. Hmm. Then again, O’Donnell, unlike Meghan, didn’t grow up with the money or background to guarantee success. Can we have one Senator out of 100 who’s lived a life corresponding to that of most Americans?

It’s called democracy, folks.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do They Get It?

For a brief period in my life I traded commodity futures. For a couple hectic years I was intensely involved in that scene. One thing I took from it was that markets-- like nature itself-- go in ebbs and flows, with continual troughs and peaks. Politics operates in the same way. The question now is whether the conservative backlash as represented by the Tea Parties has peaked; whether the high energy exhibited is already diminishing.
One sure way to kill the movement is if the Usual Suspects of Republican status quo business-as-usual system types co-opt the Tea Parties and grab the spotlight.

What's the face of the movement? If it's John Boehner and Meg Whitman, then the many Independents and ex-Democrats who've been intrigued by, and attracted to, the populist insurgency will quickly drift away.