Friday, August 16, 2013

Media Absurdities


The Atlantic Monthly has been posting numerous on-line articles trying to whip up frenzy over the supposed approaching global warming calamity. Someone there must be a true believer. The most hysterical article of them all is this one, by Rebecca J. Rosen, speaking about “Orders of Magnitude.”

They say the climate is set to change “orders of magnitude” faster than at any time in the past 65 million years.

Think about that for a minute. It’s absurd on the face of it. As the article admits, recorded temperatures go back a mere 130 years—a blink of an eyelash compared to the planet’s timeline. To say “the hottest years on record’’—a questionable assertion anyway—means nothing from this perspective. It’s like extrapolating an entire baseball season—or ten seasons, or 100—from two games against the Phillies in July.

What we have is an “order of magnitude” all right. A variation of “The Big Lie.” Say something outrageous enough, and it’s too exaggerated not to be believed. At least by the perpetually gullible—the well-trained intelligentsia in this country.

The Atlantic article shows three things.

1.) The narcissism, hubris, and self-centeredness of today’s intellectual class. The planet will undergo the worst cataclysm in its 65 million-year history in our lifetime(!), and what’s more, we will cause it!

2.) The dependence on consensus. Today’s intellectuals are trained to follow the consensus. They’re unable to think for themselves. What’s the consensus? Which way is the wind blowing? They need to know. (Also known as “Bureaucratic Necessities.”)

3.) The Atlantic has turned into a mere propaganda sheet.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seeing Victims

The question of “Who’s a Racist?” has been high profile in the mainstream media of late. One could make a case that the liberal media itself is subliminally racist.

This is shown in the media’s insistence, during the George Zimmerman trial, of seeing Trayvon Martin not as a grown man, but as a twelve year old. At least, this is his age in the photo they used to illustrate their articles.

I’m reminded of the 1957 movie, “Twelve Angry Men.” The accused, an eighteen year-old ethnic minority, is described throughout the film as a tough kid. He carried a switchblade, and apparently murdered his father. (Despite Henry Fonda’s theatrics, the case against the young man is fairly strong.)

Here is how the accused is depicted at the beginning of the movie:

12 angry men

Whatever this image depicts—and whether the accused in the story is guilty or innocent—this is NOT a picture of a tough eighteen year-old kid from a tough urban neighborhood. No tough kid would ever present himself, on trial or not, in this fashion. You don’t survive in a hard environment looking like this. Instead he’d have a hard, even sneering, facade.

So what’s really happening?

This is how the standard elite liberal sees minorities. It’s how they want to see them. It’s part of their entrenched superiority complex. If they were looking at an actual, factual tough kid in a courtroom, their brains would still process the person in this fashion.

It’s undoubtedly how most of the liberal media saw Trayvon Martin. Utterly condescending, by the way. Trayvon himself would be insulted. That white liberals see minorities solely as victims enabled them to construct  their distorted narrative about the case. George Zimmerman was himself bi-racial, and had no history of racism—quite the contrary—but the media hammered the ill-fitting picture of the story into their narrow frame anyway.

How does the liberal media view President Obama? Nothing if not an astute politician, Obama, when he finally spoke on the subject, and said that 35 years ago he could’ve been Trayvon, reminded his white liberal political base that he, most powerful person on the planet, is also a victim.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deconstructing a Revisionist

While this nation’s young elite intellectuals wallow in their own white guilt—without modifying their own easily obtained privilege one iota—I’ve penned a response to one of them, Michael Agresta of the Atlantic Monthly:

Agresta seems to be calling for a kind of white cultural suicide, especially among men. Interesting that he doesn’t see America in terms of one American nation, but via divisions of interest groups. His view is a cultural dead end.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Populist Book


The movie Western is American folk art. I make this argument in my new nonfiction ebook, About Western Movies. Buy it now,

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keynesianism Discredited

Why do many intellectuals still believe massive amounts of debt are okay—that Keynesian economic philosophy is fine? What’s happened in Cyprus of late should be a cautionary tale for everybody. Will the government seize bank accounts in this country? The possibility looms closer than it should. Many, I’m sure, would think it’s no big deal.