Sunday, January 12, 2014

Marx on Bureaucracy

The problem with the Left in this country is that it’s not even a real Left. If it were, it would support pipelines and fracking, to enlarge America’s industrial base and its industrial working class. The Left is in fact a thoroughly bourgeois class with bourgeois concerns—like absolute cleanliness; a fear of dirt which manifests itself in the extremisms of the environmental movement. (This includes man-made global warming theory, which is a fantasy of the mind.)

What America’s pseudo-Left cares about is bureaucracy. Its unions for the most part are government employee unions. Karl Marx himself saw bureaucrats as parasites, in that, unlike the industrial proletariat, they create no value in an economy. All the modern Left’s moves are designed to increase the size and power of the bureaucratic state.

Here’s a quote from Marx himself, discussing the administration of Louis Bonaparte:

"... in a country like France, where the executive power commands an army of officials numbering more than half a million individuals and therefore constantly maintains an immense mass of interests and livelihoods in the most absolute dependence; where the state enmeshes, controls, regulates, super­intends and tutors civil society from its most comprehensive mani­festations of life down to its most insignificant stirrings, from its most general modes of being to the private existence of individuals; where through the most extraordinary centralisation this parasitic body acquires a ubiquity, an omniscience, a capacity for accelerated mobility and an elasticity which finds a counterpart only in the helpless dependence, in the loose shapelessness of the actual body politic."