Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Book Now on Sale!

Trump and the Populist Revolt is now available, at both

Amazon's Kindle Store

and at

Nook Books.


An excerpt, from a chapter called "The Star":

I have little doubt that Donald Trump perceives the position of President of the United States differently from any other candidate. Differently from most media people. Donald Trump is living fully in the 21st century.

In the HyperMedia Age, the President is akin to a front man of an organization. The spokesperson for a product. The quarterback "face" of a football franchise. The value of that stock or product or franchise depends heavily on that face. On the so-called "top guy." The President represents the brand "America." The strength of his-or-her persona brings with it subliminal benefits.

America has had "stars" as President before. Strong, dynamic figures-- beginning with the first President, George Washington. Washington wasn't by any means the smartest or sharpest of the Founding Fathers. What he had was presence and bearing. He looked great on a horse. He looked like a leader-- and so gave the weak, fledgling nation instant credibility on the world stage.

Other Presidential stars have included Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. There may never have been quite the star, however, as Donald Trump could be.

For starters, he was already a huge media figure before he began his campaign. He's carefully crafted his persona to exude simplicity combined with strength. He's shown he's a take-no-shit kind of guy. The American public instinctively likes this. The rest of the world respects this.

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