Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bait and Switch

The Left has been pulling an intellectual bait and switch on the American public.

Since the 1960's the public has been promised social harmony if the United States became a color-blind society. Now in 2016 we suddenly find we've been faked-out by the elites. The pointing finger: "YOU are to blame" that we haven't achieved in all parameters strict equality-- which was never the idea of America in the first place. What the American dream offered was simple opportunity-- the opportunity of a free and open country.

We're now supposed to be the opposite of a color-blind society. Everything is difference and differentiation. The Left wants us dividing ourselves in as many ways possible. They call it identity politics.

Identity politics on the Left is leading inevitably to renewed identity politics on the Right. We're regressing as a society.

This might be what the elites want. Some of them thrive on the thought of a racist society. Without it, they'd lose their reason-for-being.

Or, the academic Left has embraced the concept of America as a racist society. If such a society doesn't exist, they'll create it.

That's what's happening right now in universities and among media elites.

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